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Back Buddie Inc. is a Canadian woman owned company who manufactures one of the most innovative lotion applicators on the market today called the Back Buddie®. We are actively involved in running the company on a daily basis. Our company was founded in 2011, knowing that the product, invented by the President – Cheryl McEwen, had the potential to become a necessary household item. Sharon Kelly BN, VP of Business Development could see the potential uses for the Back Buddie® in the medical field. Hence our mission statement and goal were conceived.

Our Mission


To ensure that Back Buddie®Lotion Applicator is readily available to all persons who have difficulty reaching their back and other hard to reach areas of their bodies which in turn will promote independence, disease prevention, and health maintenance.



To identify our target market was a challenge, therefore we thought the Back Buddie® would benefit anybody who has difficulty reaching the middle of their back. Our slogan “Need a helping hand?” was a perfect fit for the product.
Our initial focus was on perfecting the product for mass marketing, it is manufactured in China. Our company focused on creating POPs, securing warehouses (in Canada and USA) attending tradeshows, buying product and developing other necessary marketing tools in order to achieve our goal. In 2012 we began selling nation wide in Canada at Bed Bath & Beyond. Other accounts were also established during this time. In 2013, we began selling in Walgreens, throughout the USA. In the future our company will increase the distribution of the Back Buddie®Lotion Applicator.
It is our goal to win you as a customer, retailer, and distributor adding value to your current assortment and as a result happy customers. Enjoy our website you will find some more information on our product. After your review we would love to hear from you.

Our Goal


To achieve worldwide brand recognition. The Company’s strategic focus is to have the Back Buddie®Lotion Applicator readily available for the consumer to purchase everywhere and anywhere Skin Care/Sun Care products are sold.



Cheryl McEwen
Founder/ President Back Buddie Inc.
Sharon Kelly BN
V.P. Business Development Back Buddie Inc.


Lotion Applicator • Back Scratcher • For Shower Use too!